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Posted on: August 21, 2020

Hydrant Flushing Scheduled in August & September

The city of Aledo will be flushing all fire hydrants within its district during the month of August and September 2020.  The city will be divided into East & West sections.  Once all hydrants have been flushed in that section, crew members will move to the next section.  Time schedules are tentative - depending on the number of hydrants per section, flushing may require longer or shorter time frames.  The city will be actively updating its progress, for more information please check out our website at or listen to WRMJ.  You can also contact Aledo City Hall at 309-582-7241. 

Tentative schedule shall be:

West Side of Aledo - Week of August 24th - September 11th

East Side of Aledo - Week of September 14th - 30th 

During hydrant flushing city water is safe to use and drink, but you may experience discoloration in wash cycles.  Be cautious when running a wash cycle on your whites especially if you are experiencing discolored water.  Run your faucets for 10-20 minutes to help clear up any issue regarding discoloration.  If it persists, please contact City Hall and we will send the Water Division out to inspect the issue.  

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