Aledo  City Tax Is A Very Small Part of Mercer County Property Taxes

City of Aledo property owners currently enjoy a very small tax levy on real estate located within the city limits. Approximately 11% of the total Mercer County property tax bill is levied by the City. For example, out of a $2,000 tax bill, the city portion is only $220. Aledo is committed to providing the best possible municipal services without creating a tax hardship on its property owners.

Mercer County Property Tax - Allocation Breakdown

Taxing Body Total
County Tax 17.74%
Aledo Fire District 5.87%
Junior College 503 4.59%
Carnegie Lib Arrg 0.00%
Mercer Carnegie Lb 2.25%
Aledo Park District 2.36%
Bridge Aid - Mercer Twp 0.34%
Perm Rd Fund - Mercer Twp 1.59%
Road & Bridge - Mercer Twp 3.45%
Twp Tax 10 - Mercer Twp 2.95%
School Dist 404 47.71%
City of Aledo 11.14%