iconBuilding Permit Application Form.pdf

A permit is required for most construction and remodeling projects.  The following is a partial list of work requiring a permit and the documents that must be submitted with the permit application:

New 1 & 2 Family Residences and Additions

  • Plans and specifications required (city form provided)
  • Plat of Survey Required from licensed surveyor

New Multi-Family, Commercial and Industrial buildings and additions

  • Plans and specifications required stamped by licensed architect/engineer
  • Plat of Survey Required stamped by licensed surveyor

Building rehabilitation and fire repairs

  • Specifications required
  • Plans stamped by licensed architect or engineer may be required for structural repairs or alterations (as determined by building official)

Change In Use Group

  • Plans required by licensed architect or engineer establishing that the site meets code for the new use group (means of egress, life safety, alarm, detection, suppression, electrical, plumbing and mechanical)
  • Designer may use building code or existing structures code

Residential garages and sheds

  • Plat of survey stamped by licensed surveyor or affidavit from all adjoining owners (city form)
  • Construction specifications (city form)


  • Plat of survey stamped by licensed surveyor or affidavit from all adjoining property owners (city form)
  • Fence design specifications (city form)

Swimming pools

  • All in-ground pools
  • All steel and semi-permanent above ground pools
  • Permit not required for inflatable pools 42'' in depth or less
  • Pool specifications required (city form)


  • Tear off and re-roof only (no more than two layers allowed)

Concrete, Asphalt (Streets, sidewalks, service walks, parking lots, etc.)

  • Specification form required for minor projects (city form)
  • Plans stamped by design professionals required for major projects